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Equipping and supporting you so you can put your ideas to work

At Serco, we believe in equipping employees with the right tools to do the job and providing an environment, that inspires professional development. We want our workplace to be one where every employee has the opportunity to learn, develop, and realize their full potential. Job-specific training — as well as continuous learning and development opportunities — is offered to employees at all levels.

Serco offers a well-rounded employee experience. At all phases of the employee lifecycle – from onboarding to performance management – we work hard to provide an inspiring, supportive environment, and safe and healthy working conditions that enable employees to excel. We have established employee engagement initiatives, regular internal communications, a multi-faceted rewards and recognition program, and community involvement teams to ensure that you have the support, training, and resources to leverage your strengths, put your ideas into action, and go the extra mile.

Employee Experience

Training to deliver driver examination services

Paid induction, refresher, and skills maintenance training is a requirement for many Serco Canada positions, especially those that are customer-facing. Our training department organizes and delivers a mix of online, classroom, and on-the-job training to employee learning and development with the policies and procedures, equipment, and computer systems that will enable employees as they complete their daily activities and deliverables. To deliver driver examination services, successful customer service agent, driver examiner, and support office candidates participate in several types of training as part of their orientation.

  • Customer service agent training

    Customer service agent training

    Candidates taking on customer service agent roles usually participate in 5 days of paid, classroom-based training and 10 days of paid on-the-job training before delivering services independently. As part of this training, they may cover program-specific topics, customer care, conflict resolution, software and hardware usage, fraud prevention, and privacy and security.

  • Driver examiner training

    Driver examiner training

    Those recruited for driver examiner positions receive much of the same information as customer service agents. However, they also review detailed licensing criteria, driver examiner standards (as part of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) standards), collision awareness and avoidance, vehicle inspection techniques, and so on. Driver examiners receive a total of 15 paid days of classroom, in-vehicle, and on-the-job training initially. And, both driver examiners and customer service agents have additional opportunities for elective training to develop their skill sets as they progress with Serco Canada.

  • Support office training

    Support office training

    While it may be beneficial for some support office employees to also receive customer service or driver examiner training, new employees assigned to support office roles generally receive one-on-one, customized training from their peers and leaders as well as online training resources.

“My journey with Serco has been extremely rewarding. I have had many opportunities to grow within the company and into a leadership role that has allowed me to help develop our future employees. The training we provide to both new and existing employees is thorough and intense to prepare them for their role. It is with great pride to see employees rise to the challenges to thrive and develop their technical and interpersonal skills. The key dynamic within Serco is our ability to work as a team and build upon our successes, and the training program supports this foundation.” — Eva, Kitchener, Ontario

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