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It all starts here

Want to know what it takes to get a job at Serco? It all starts with this career portal and our application and hiring process.

Our vision to be the world’s greatest service company means that we hire only the greatest people, people with a passion for service delivery, whether they are on the front-line or in the back office.

Our multi-step recruitment process is designed to help identify whether there’s a true match between our company and the job, your attitude, and your skills/qualifications and goals. Our recruitment process can take several weeks to complete, but the good news is that you can use our career portal to track progress and stay in touch along the way. We offer many diverse opportunities to contribute to and grow within our company, and we think the return on time investment is worth it.

“As an HR professional, I get excited when I see employees receiving promotions from frontline positions into managerial positions, or exploring new aspects of the company laterally. This tells me the organization is healthy – that we’re hiring the right people,  that supervisors are appropriately supporting their teams, and that employees are growing professionally with the tools, training, and resources the company provides to them. For this reason, we do a lot of celebrating at Serco Canada!” — Lenore, Toronto, Ontario

Serco’s differentiators

Serco offers a breadth of opportunities to employees

  • Learn, develop, and realize your potential
  • Apply your skills to different markets, sectors, departments, and roles
  • See your ideas in action
  • Make a real difference to people’s lives
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If you are unable to send an email and would like assistance with your application, please visit your local DriveTest Centre to obtain information on our recruitment process/procedure.

To obtain more information on DriveTest locations and business hours, please visit our “Locations” page on the site.

“I am always nervous about job interviews regardless of how well prepared I am. My interviews at Serco were nothing like I anticipated them to be. The interviewers were professional, accommodating, and enthusiastic. They spent time to get to know me as an individual, not just as a candidate. Everyone I met was welcoming, had a positive attitude toward the company, and seemed interested in wanting to help me succeed in my application. This overall experience encouraged me, in turn, to invest more in the pursuit of the position and to openly express my eagerness to join the Serco team.” — Steve, Etobicoke, Ontario