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This video describes the ideal Serco employee and the Serco working environment. Click here [PDF - 220 KB] for a transcript.

Serco Group

Serco is a global service delivery company that specializes in delivering essential services on behalf of local and national governments and companies around the world. Our unique service ethos enables us to add real value to the organizations we work for and transform the services they need to deliver. This provides them with certainty, now and into the future, so they can be confident they will be able to achieve greater efficiencies and better outcomes for their customers and citizens.

There are three things that enable us to deliver these essential services particularly well. First, in designing services, we always take into consideration the whole customer journey and not just the bit we have been contracted to deliver. Second, by drawing on our broad and deep experience, we can apply the best service ideas wherever they come from to wherever they are needed. And, finally, we are experts in identifying and bringing together the right partners to form effective systems that provide lasting solutions for some of the toughest service challenges. Together, this enables us to make good service great and make a difference to the quality of people’s lives across the globe.

Serco in North America

In North America, Serco is a trusted government service delivery partner with over 11,000 employees and more than 20 years’ experience. We provide IT and management services to every branch of the U.S. military, federal civilian agencies, the intelligence community, and many other government agencies. We advise, design, integrate, and deliver services that solve our clients’ most difficult service challenges. We work with our clients to understand exactly what they need and guide their projects through the complete lifecycle to completion. Serco North America, which includes the Canadian division, is currently headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and has annual revenues of over $1.5 billion.

Serco in Canada

In Canada, Serco has more than 1,200 employees working from more than 100 locations. We have had a Canadian presence since the late 1990s, and that customer relationship is still in place today. Federal and provincial governments turn to Serco to help them deliver consistently, anticipate and adapt to change, as well as achieve long-term transformational goals and meet commitments to the public. In Canada, our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people in Canada and around the world by managing and delivering high-quality public services that improve efficiency and the lives of others.

Serco Canada

Make a positive difference in people’s lives globally

Serco is a global service delivery company with 100,000 employees, headquarters near London, England, and offices and operating divisions in 36 countries. Over our 85-year history, we’ve been developing and gathering the best customer service ideas and insights and putting them into practice where they are most needed. Service delivery is, and always has been, our specialty. It’s even in our name – which is an abbreviation of The Service Company.

Apply your skills to different markets and sectors

Every year globally, Serco performs 100 million customer transactions for a wide range of outsourced public operational services. We have more than 700 active customer contracts across the globe, each managed like a business in its own right. We work in the transportation and aviation, facilities management and infrastructure services, justice and correctional services, health and science, defence and border security, and outsourcing and consulting sectors – to name a few. We advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems, and deliver front-line services that make a positive difference to customers and communities.

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“I oversee two of the smaller Serco Canada offices in the Eastern Ontario region. One of the things that I love about my job is seeing the people in my area – my neighbours – visiting the offices, having their needs met, and then leaving as satisfied customers.” — Kim, Lindsay and Bancroft, Ontario